Disbursement products offer you an easy way to electronically send funds.

Disbursements help you send funds to outgoing sources or organize client funds without the hassle of keeping track of the recordkeeping. Check out our complete line of disbursement products to help you manage your outgoing funds.

Avidia Bank makes repetitive and time-sensitive payments more efficient, flexible and convenient through the utilization of the Automated Clearing House (ACH). You use Business Express Internet Banking to securely transmit your transactions to the Bank for processing and we take care of the rest.

Use ACH to offer this valuable benefit to your employees while reducing the time and cost of check preparation and reconciliation.

Pay your vendors electronically and improve your cash-flow control while simplifying forecasting, maximizing investments and reducing borrowings.

The bill payment feature within Business Express Internet Banking can simplify your accounts payable process. You can eliminate the paperwork and costs involved with writing checks and easily schedule recurring payments.

Wire funds at a branch or via our Business Express Internet Banking service. Either way, Wire Transfers provide a simple, secure and timely transfer of your company funds virtually anywhere in the world. Funds may be sent in US Dollars or a variety of international currencies.

This service is perfect for property managers, landlords, attorneys or anyone needing to hold deposits in escrow for another party. A “master” checking account in the name of the property manager is opened and acts as the hub for individual interest bearing savings accounts which are opened for each separate deposit. Business Express Online Banking is used to facilitate the movement of funds in to and out of sub accounts. A consolidated statement including the master checking account and all escrow sub accounts is produced each month and sent to the property manager, landlord or attorney. Individual sub account statements are produced quarterly and sent to the sub account owner. All annual tax reporting and notices are handled by the bank. Automated annual interest checks are optional.

Pay your Federal and State taxes electronically right from your place of business, easily and conveniently using Business Express Internet Banking.