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Introducing the New Avidia Financial Literacy Learning Center

April is Financial Literacy Month (No Foolin’). And while that may not seem as exciting as some of the other awareness events in April, such as National Humor Month or National Welding Month, it’s a helpful reminder to think about one of the most important factors in achieving your goals – your finances.

To make that easier, Avidia is pleased to bring a new educational feature right to you – our new online Financial Literacy Learning Center powered by EVERFI.

This 24/7 portal provides easy access to information to help you build financial wellbeing and make informed financial decisions. Some of the modules include:

Healthy Financial Habits. Learn how you can develop good practices and habits to spend more wisely, save for emergency expenses, manage credit, and build retirement funds.

Creating a Budget. Most Americans are living paycheck to paycheck. In this module, you’ll learn why having a budget can help you gain financial freedom by minimizing unnecessary spending and maximizing saving.

Family Conversations About Money. Money concerns are often one of the biggest challenges facing couples today. In this module, you’ll learn tips for having discussions with spouses, partners, and elderly family members as well as young children to help foster financial literacy at a young age.

Taxes: The Basics. Taxes are a drag, but they definitely play an important role in your financial life. In this module, you’ll learn how to choose the right tax status for your situation, prepare for tax time, and protect yourself from scams.

Boost your financial literacy!

Celebrate Financial Literacy Month today. Visit the new Financial Literacy Center. Then, celebrate National Welding Month.