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2020 Best Practices for Writing the New Date

Recently the East Millinocket Police Department put out a warning on why you should write out the full year on your legal and professional documents. 

Many of us often short hand our dates when were write such as “12/1/19” or “3.1.20” but it’s best if you write out the full year of “2020” at the end of your dates so “3.1.2020” would be ideal.


Looking for Start-Up Financing? Start Here.

You may have seen it play out on the popular television show Shark Tank – an eager entrepreneur with a novel idea secures funding to bring their dream and business to reality.

While it makes for great television, it usually doesn’t play out that way for most aspiring entrepreneurs, most of whom may have a better chance of encountering a real shark in New England than pitching before one.

So if you’re a budding entrepreneur with a great idea, how can get the funding you need to reach your dream?


7 Ways to Prepare Your Business Finances for a Recession

The key to longevity in business is managing changing economic cycles. It is something that Avidia Bank’s executive vice president and chief financial officer Margaret Sullivan knows well. In her 23-year tenure with Avidia, Margaret has helped the bank navigate challenging economic times. In today’s article, she shares some helpful guidance on how you can prepare your business for economic challenges, including a possible recession.


5 Ways to Prepare Your Finances for a Recession

Is the U.S. economy headed for a recession?

Over the past year, financial experts have weighed in on that very question. And while you may not be able to discern precisely when or if a recession will occur, there are some steps you can take to prepare for one.  Avidia’s Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer Margaret Sullivan shares five such steps you can take: