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The Wait Is Over! Avidia Introduces Digital Cards!

It happens to the best of us. You misplace or lose your debit card somewhere at home. Or leave it inside an ATM. Or worse, realize it has been stolen. Your first instinct is to call your bank immediately and request a new card. Your second one is to stress when you realize that getting a replacement card could take days. You can’t help but wonder:  How will I pay for groceries…or gas… or that tub of ice cream I now want to drown my sorrows in?


Changing the Way Insurance is Delivered

Insurance isn’t something most people spend a lot of time thinking about…that is until something happens.

Iridi Tollkuci is not like most people.

She thinks about insurance all the time. In fact, after working in the insurance industry for more than two decades, including a stint at a larger agency, she recognized an important unmet need in the industry.


Love Avidia’s Rates, Service, and Commitment to Giving Back? The feeling is mutual.

Community banks. Online banks. Cooperative banks. Let’s be honest, banks today come in all different shapes, sizes, and colors (personally, we prefer orange). But it’s not just our sharp color that makes Avidia stand out;  it’s also our charter as a mutual savings bank.

Now you’re probably thinking, mutual savings bank…I know I’ve heard that banking term before… but what does it actually mean?


2020 Best Practices for Writing the New Date

Recently the East Millinocket Police Department put out a warning on why you should write out the full year on your legal and professional documents. 

Many of us often short hand our dates when were write such as “12/1/19” or “3.1.20” but it’s best if you write out the full year of “2020” at the end of your dates so “3.1.2020” would be ideal.