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Love Avidia’s Rates, Service, and Commitment to Giving Back? The feeling is mutual.

Community banks. Online banks. Cooperative banks. Let’s be honest, banks today come in all different shapes, sizes, and colors (personally, we prefer orange). But it’s not just our sharp color that makes Avidia stand out;  it’s also our charter as a mutual savings bank.

Now you’re probably thinking, mutual savings bank…I know I’ve heard that banking term before… but what does it actually mean?


Beware of Unemployment Fraud

Identity thieves are many things. Bad. Shady. Unethical. Heartless…stop us we could go on for hours. Unfortunately, they’re also highly resourceful, often using difficult situations and the misfortunes of others to their financial advantage.

Situations like COVID-19.

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) reports that COVID-19-related scams have resulted in losses of $13.4 million for Americans. Those scams range from fake cures and test kits to stolen stimulus payments and charitable donation scams.


Supporting our Community in Times of Need and Change

Our community has been rocked by recent events, reaching a tipping point that combines a pandemic, injustice, economic stress and polarization. 
As a community bank, our priority is supporting our community. We join in the voices calling for change, for equality and for peace.
We are stronger together, we must support each other, we must listen, learn, educate, volunteer, donate, and be part of the change.