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Honest to Goodness - About Refinancing

Thinking about refinancing?

There’s still time

Mortgage rates sizzled this past summer, reaching their lowest levels in years. If you didn’t take the opportunity to refinance your mortgage, don’t worry; now’s still a great time. To tell us more about refinancing and why it may make sense for you, we spoke with our resident home lending expert, Avidia loan officer Andy Nawrocki.

Real Smarts: Andy, why is refinancing a good idea for some borrowers?


Find Your Sweet Spot: 5 Keys to Business Success from Kelley of Uhlman’s Ice Cream

They are one of the greatest contributors to the U.S. economy, accounting for as much as 35% of Fortune 500 companies. They are family businesses. And while they have had their share of success in the United States, these businesses do face unique challenges. Not the least of which is ensuring longevity in an ever-changing competitive landscape. To provide some guidance on how to manage this challenge, we spoke with Kelley Marston, Store Manager, Uhlman’s Ice Cream who shares five important factors that have led to Uhlman’s success.


Banking for Nonprofits 101

When you’re a nonprofit, you have a lot to consider, like 501-( c ) ( 3 ) status, taxes, making tight budgets work, getting donations, running a board of directors… the list goes on!  The last thing on your mind is likely what to consider when you’re thinking about banks.

Of course, there’s a bank on every corner in Massachusetts so maybe you just pick one, but perhaps there’s also special considerations to be made in regards to where you will keep your funds and manage transactions. 

Here are some things to look for:


Top FinTech Conferences - 2019

Looking for a FinTech Conference to learn more and see demos of new financial technology being developed? Here’s our top picks for FinTech Conferences!

Boston FinTech Week

When: Sept. 9 – 13 Boston, MA