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Real Homebuying Smarts: Don't Settle for Just Any Mortgage Lender

Those dating sites seem to get all the attention. But there’s another type of matchmaking that’s happening around us – mortgage matchmaking -- as glitzy banner ads on the Internet promise to help you find the right lender and the lowest rate.  But there’s a lot more to finding the right lender than just a pretty webface and low rate. There are, for example, 5 important qualities you should absolutely require in a lender: 



Real Caregiving Smarts: You Might Be A Caregiver If…

You Might Be A Caregiver If…

There are 40.4 million of them in the United States. They assist with household chores, provide transportation, help with medical and personal care, offer emotional support, and supply even the simple companionship that can make such a difference in someone’s quality of life. And they do it all without the benefit of a paycheck.

They are family caregivers.


Real Adulting Smarts: Taking Mom and Dad Off Your Bank Account

YOU DID IT!!! You’ve completed college or trade school. You even have the shiny new diploma or certificate to prove that you’ve taken ONE. HUGE. STEP.  toward a brighter future and financial independence.  YESSSSSS!!!! There’s only one thing left to do (well besides taking off that cap and gown and enjoying a giant piece of congratulatory cake): You need to cut the financial cord – and remove your parents from your bank account.

Yup, that.  


Real Homebuying Smarts: So you think you can buy a home?

Or maybe you have no earthly idea. The truth of the matter is, there are a lot of people who think they can afford to buy home and can’t. And others who think they can’t afford to buy a home and actually can.  So how do you know where you stand?