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Real Adulting Smarts: 5 Smart Steps to Help You Crush Adulthood


Adulthood. You’ve waited your whole life for it – that beautiful time when you are finally free to make your own decisions and pursue the future you want.  But while all that may sound exciting,  adulting also comes with some not-so-thrilling responsibilities. One of the most important ones is managing money – and decreasing your dependence on Bank of Mom. Or Bank of Dad. Or Bank of Mom and Dad (if they’ve merged like so many banks today).


Real Homeowner Smarts: 4 Smart Things to Do With a Home Equity Line of Credit

It’s a lesson you were probably taught from a young age. Maybe when you were taking out your first book at the library, promising to pay a friend back lunch money for Taco Tuesday, or begging your parents to let you use their car for the night.

It’s the lesson of borrowing responsibly.

And as every adult on the planet knows, it’s key to reaching many of your financial goals, such as buying a car or paying for college, since few people can afford to do that on their own today.


5 Keys to Business Banking Relationships

Let’s face it, relationships can be complicated. The one you have with your business banker, however shouldn’t be. Your business banker shouldn’t get in the way of your business, but help you move it forward. In order to do that, your banker needs to be a trusted advisor who does five very important things:


Real Tax Smarts: 5 Costly Mistakes Taxpayers Make

To help demystify the sometimes (VERY) confusing and arduous process of filing taxes, Real Smarts has once again partnered with Angela Morrison, CPA, of Huntington Tax Partners. In this installment of the TAX SMARTS Series, Angela shares some of the most common mistakes tax filers make that can cost them time, money, and added stress.