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Adventures in Remote Managing: 5 Tips for Management Success in the New Normal

By Janel Maysonet, Senior Vice President, Chief Marketing Officer

When I became a manager, I knew I would face challenges. I never, however, anticipated that one of them would be managing a remote team during an unprecedented time of uncertainty – a global pandemic.

Who could’ve seen that one coming?

Almost overnight, I was charged with not only managing my work responsibilities at home, but also handling the needs of my family. That included one of my most important responsibilities – the learning of my 7-year-old son, Frankie.


End of Year Tips to Make 2021 Less Taxing

Complete the following sentence:

Taxes are _______________.

Some of us might say “stressful” or “confusing.” But Dave McLaren, CPA, CGMA, CRFAC, ABGOV, RFI, CRFAU and Founder of McLaren & Associates CPAs, PC in Shrewsbury, has a different answer.

“Taxes are complicated.”

Few can argue with that. The tax laws are often hard to understand and constantly changing. And the impact that they have on us varies from person to person, return to return.  


Fresh Direction: Activities for School Break

Avidia Bank employees and friends shared some ideas with us on fun activities for school break!  Here’s a few to check out!


If you love a good train ride or the movie Polar Express, you’ll love these train experiences right here in Massachusetts!

Light Shows and Festivals


Celebrating the Small Businesses that Make a Big Difference in Our Communities

We all know it. The past year has been one of great change and uncertainty at home, at work, in school and in the hearts of our communities with the local establishments that help power them – small businesses.