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Best Ways to Grow a Savings Account

If you have a savings account or are thinking about opening one, it’s apparent that one of your biggest priorities is already saving money. And that means you’re looking for the best ways to keep that money coming in and watching your savings grow.

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Why You Should Have — And How to Keep — A Financial Notebook

Keeping track of your financial spending has never been easier

Being the 21st century, you’re probably inclined to keep track of most things via an electronic device. And whether you log your financial spending via an iPad, Excel document or physical notebook is up to you. The latter may be a better option than you think.


Tips on How to Avoid Overspending

Creating a budget for yourself and your family is an important step toward being financially stable. One factor that can significantly impede your efforts toward financial stability can be the bad habit overspending. It can be difficult to set boundaries for your spending, but identifying the areas where you overspend and reigning in this habit will have a positive impact on your financial status. Here are some tips to help you get started.


Home Equity Loan Basics

When it comes to finding the funds to cover those big expenses, whether it be paying for college, covering home improvements, taking that dream vacation or something else, the equity in your own home can be a great resource. Understanding the basics of home equity loans, however, can seem overwhelming. There are some basics to help you better understand and utilize the equity in your home. Read our latest issue of Avidia Monthly to find out what they are.

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