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How banking on the Internet can help teach financial skills

These days, the conveniences of the Internet are well-known to nearly everyone. However, when it comes to online banking, the benefits are a lot greater than mere convenience. The various aspects involved in banking online can also help teach an array of financial skills. Read our August edition of the Avidia Monthly to learn more!

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Tips for building your credit score

There’s a certain three-digit number that can make all the difference between being denied or approved for credit, and whether you’ll receive a low or high interest rate. That number is called a credit score, and it’s derived from your payment history, accounts owed, length of credit history, types of credit used and other factors. Check out our July edition of the Avidia Monthly for tips on how you can build your credit score.

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What you need to know about mobile wallets

Mobile wallets have been on consumers radars for more than two years now, but if you think you know all there is to know about the technology, think again. There are a few main points about mobile wallets that you should know. Check out our June issue of Avidia Monthly to find out!

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Keep Your Money Safe While Traveling

Summer will be here in less than a few months and that means vacation season will be here! When traveling, make sure you have weather appropriate clothing, medications, toiletries and enough funds. One of the most overlooked plans when traveling is how to keep your money safe when away from home.

Read the May edition of Avidia Monthly for some great tips to think about when traveling in the US or abroad.

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