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Real Security Smarts: Beware of Telephone Scams

At Avidia Bank, we are committed to making your banking secure and protecting you from fraudsters, who would like nothing more than to steal your identity.

Steps you can take to protect yourself

Here are some measures you can take to protect your accounts and identity:


Real Car Smarts: Baby, you can buy or lease my car, but which is best for you?

So you’re thinking about getting a new car? Cool.

You have a make and model all picked out. That’s cool, too.

You may even have some colors in mind – a nice silky sliver or tango orange?  Sweet.

Now all you have to decide is how you’re going to pay for it?  Not so cool.


Real Technology Smarts: Looking to control debit card spending?

Here’s more power to you.

Introducing new Card Controls*

The power to control your debit card is now in your hands.

Introducing new Card Controls

Imagine this…

You’re in the checkout line and you open your wallet to pull out your debit card only to discover that it’s not there and you have no idea where it is.

Or this…


Real Homebuying Smarts: Cracking the Mortgage Code

10 Terms You Should Know But Were Probably Too Bored to Ask

All right, we get it. Banking isn’t the most interesting topic in the world. It is, however, one that’s important for you to understand if you want to reach your goals in life. Say, for example, you want to buy a home. You’ll need to understand some of those confusing terms lenders tend to throw around.  

Here are 10 terms you should know, but were probably too bored to ask: