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How to Help Businesses as they Start to Reopen

Businesses are starting to reopen across Massachusetts and it hasn’t been an easy switch over.  All businesses have to consider how they can operate safely, they have to provide training to employees, buy PPE equipment and take things slowly.  While the economy is reopening, the threat of the COVID19 virus remains. 

So how can you, as a consumer, help businesses as they reopen?


Beware of a Credit Card Phishing Scam

In a previous blog, Beware of Unemployment Fraud, we told you about how those sneaky, sketchy identity thieves are filing false unemployment claims to exploit victims during the COVID-19 crisis. Now, it appears they’re at it again with another way to defraud unsuspecting victims. This time it involves a phishing scam when they spam unsuspecting victims offering a free credit card check to see if credit card information has been stolen.


Banking on Putting an End to Human Trafficking

It’s the third largest global crime, generating some $150 billion in revenue each year. It’s human trafficking and it’s believed to have impacted more than 20 million men, women, and children around the world with many unidentified victims too afraid to come forward.


Avidia Bank joins Stop Hate for Profit Initiative

On July 2, 2020, Avidia Bank joined hundreds of businesses across America to stand in solidarity against hate.  Through this, we have chosen to suspend our advertising on Facebook and Instagram* throughout the month of July, 2020 to advocate for positive change.

As a community bank, there is nothing more important to us than our community, and supporting those who are most vulnerable and often victimized by hate.