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Home Equity Loan Basics

When it comes to finding the funds to cover those big expenses, whether it be paying for college, covering home improvements, taking that dream vacation or something else, the equity in your own home can be a great resource. Understanding the basics of home equity loans, however, can seem overwhelming. There are some basics to help you better understand and utilize the equity in your home. Read our latest issue of Avidia Monthly to find out what they are.

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HSAs: A-Ok or Stay Away?

Low premiums, more options and greater control. At first glance, health savings accounts (HSAs) seem like a great new weapon in the war against rising healthcare costs, and for many people they might be.

For others, the benefits are far less clear, and for some, the option doesn’t exist at all.

To understand if an HSA is right for you, you’ll need to understand how an HSA works. Legislated into existence in 2003, HSAs are specifically designed to allow individuals with designated high-deductible insurance plans to receive tax benefits for healthcare-intended savings.


Beat the Odds and Stay on Budget

According to a recent survey conducted by AARP, less than three-fourths of Americans have a monthly budget they try to stick to. The survey didn't ask how many people were successful with staying on budget, but previous measures suggest that there isn't cause for a great deal of optimism.

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Five Personal Finance Books to Read Now

Picking the brains of personal finance experts is one of the best ways to improve your own financial prowess. Attending a seminar would allow you to do this in person; however, most people can’t spare the time or funds needed to make this a viable option. Finding the time to watch hours of financial television and take notes to distill the best tips is also out of the question for many people. Fortunately, many of the most respected personal finance gurus have compiled their best advice into books.