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Financial Tips for Single Parents

For single parents, managing finances can carry significant stress, concern and worry. Stretching one income to provide for your family is important, and knowing how to do it effectively, without getting stressed out, is even more so.

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Five Common Assumptions about Financial Aid

Unfortunately, every school’s student loan package is different, and parents and children must conduct extensive research to make the best choices. While colleges and universities will send detailed financial aid award packages to students, additional evaluations are necessary to ensure that pupils receive the maximum support at cost-effective rates.

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Prepare for Future Retirement by Pretending to be Retired

When the topic of retirement comes up, you may find yourself asking more questions than you have answers for. Will you have enough money when you retire? How much can you afford to invest? How will retirement affect your relationship with your spouse and your family? One solution that has recently started becoming more common is rehearsing your retirement. This can be a fun way to find the information you need without making any long-term.


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Six ways to invest $1,000

If you recently earned a raise at work, are deciding to cut down on expenses or even came into some unexpected money, then you may have a decision to make: where should you invest that extra cash? This isn’t always an easy choice to make, but thinking of it in small increments can help.
Therefore, we offer this list of six ways to invest $1,000. It’s unlikely that $1,000 will change your life; on the other hand, used wisely it could pay dividends for years to come.