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Six ways to invest $1,000

If you recently earned a raise at work, are deciding to cut down on expenses or even came into some unexpected money, then you may have a decision to make: where should you invest that extra cash? This isn’t always an easy choice to make, but thinking of it in small increments can help.
Therefore, we offer this list of six ways to invest $1,000. It’s unlikely that $1,000 will change your life; on the other hand, used wisely it could pay dividends for years to come.


The Brave New World of Apps for Saving and Budgeting

The importance of budgeting and saving money never changes, but the methods for doing so are always evolving. The growing availability and widening range of apps and online programs for handheld devices, tablets, laptops and PCs provide something for everyone – everyone who wants to develop a sound financial future, that is. Check out the February issue of Avidia Monthly to find out what the most popular apps are out there for saving and budgeting.

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