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Real Tax Smarts: Tax Pro or No?

Today concludes our final blog on taxes for the season (we had a good run). We’ll conclude with a helpful article on tax preparation.

As a taxpayer, you really have three choices when it comes to preparing your taxes:

Behind door #1 you have … Online tax preparation services

Behind door #2 you have …Tax preparation companies


Real Tax Smarts: Understanding This Tax Business

In our last taxing episode… (cue organ music) … our heroine, Angela Morrison, CPA, MSA, MST, and Partner at Huntington Tax Partners in Bedford, provided valuable insight on how the new tax laws affect homeowners. Today, she’ll discuss what they mean for businesses.


Real Tax Smarts: Will new tax laws leave homeowners in Jeopardy?

To make understanding the new tax laws a little easier for those who are not tax experts (or don’t play them on TV), “Real Smarts” will post a series of blogs featuring Avidia’s tax expert, Angela Morrison, CPA, MSA, MST, and Partner at Huntington Tax Partners in Bedford.  The following is part two in the series.


Real Tax Smarts: What you need to know about the new tax law without the ZZZZZZ’s

So, you’ve heard about new tax laws in America? You may have gotten your info in a text alert or while eavesdropping on two accountants conversing on the treadmills next to you at the gym. What you might not have gotten, however, is a simple breakdown of what it all means – or more importantly, what the heck it means to you?