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Finally, Something You CAN Do During COVID-19 – Take Charge of Your Money

Don’t go out. Don’t touch your face. Don’t gather. Let’s face it, during the COVID-19 quarantine, we’ve heard about a lot of things we shouldn’t do. Frankly, it’s left many of us asking one very important question: What can we do?

Well, when it comes to managing your personal finances, the answer is… a lot.

Here are five smart financial moves you can make now to take control of your money today – and in the future.


Teach Your Kids About Money During Financial Literacy Month

The importance of health. Gratitude for work. An appreciation for teachers (and the lunch lady). The COVID-19 pandemic has taught us so many important lessons. If you have school-age children, you’re probably teaching some important lessons of your own during the quarantine like reading, writing, and “new math”.

But there’s another important subject that children need to learn – managing money. Teaching kids early can help lead them to a brighter financial future. What parent doesn’t want that?


Go touch-free with all these options for banking and transactions from Avidia Bank!

We’re all thinking about the surfaces we touch every day. Consider some of the surfaces you use for transactions or banking, including pin pads, your debit or credit card or touch screens.  Here’s a few options to help you reduce your contact with frequently used surfaces and make your banking easier:

Use Contactless Cards:


3 Ways to Prepare for the Unexpected During Financial Literacy Month

April is Financial Literacy Month! Woohoo!  Okay, we realize you're probably not that excited about it or even know anything about it. Who could blame you with everything going on in the world today?

But the truth is, many of us are thinking a lot about our finances lately – and the economic worries we now face. All around the country, people of all ages are wondering Will I be able to afford groceries? Pay my rent or mortgage? Send my kid to college? Or ever have the money to retire someday?