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Cardless Cash

Today it is more likely that we have our smartphone readily available at our fingertips. So instead of digging your debit card out of your wallet or purse, use your smartphone to make cash withdrawals from any Avidia Bank ATM.

How does Cardless Cash work?
Using the Cardless Cash option in the Avidia Mobile app, choose from which account to withdraw funds and enter the dollar amount. Your phone will prompt you to scan a QR code from the ATM screen. Press the “Mobile Cash” option on the ATM and scan the QR code. Your transaction is processed and a receipt is sent to your Avidia Mobile app. That’s it!

Is Cardless Cash safe?
Cardless cash is secure. There is no debit card information held on your phone, your personal passcode is needed to access Avidia Mobile and no two QR codes are the same. Cardless cash also eliminates the possibility of your card being skimmed when inserted in an ATM.

Where can you use Cardless Cash?
Currently, you can use Cardless Cash at any Avidia Bank ATM using the Avidia Mobile app. To locate an Avidia Bank ATM near you, use the branch location feature through Avidia Mobile.

*Cardless Cash requires an Avidia Bank checking account with an Avidia Bank debit card. Available through ATMs located at Avidia Bank branch locations. Data rates may apply when using the Avidia Mobile App. Please check with your wireless provider.