Solar Loans

Save money on supplying energy to your home while helping keep your carbon footprint low. Avidia Bank has partnered with BlueWave to help make the solar dream a reality for many homeowners. As a Department of Energy Resources (DOER) approved lender, Avidia Bank can provide approved homeowners with a loan rate buy-down of up to 1.50% APR (Annual Percentage Rate).* Current rate is 4.99% APR after State interest buy-down. (Gross rate is 6.49% before 1.50% interest rate buy-down.) 


The first step to applying for a Solar Loan is to contact a pre-qualified Mass Solar Loan Installer


If you have NOT selected an installer and do not yet have the Technical Confirmation from the MassCEC, visit and choose "For Consumers and Residents."


If you HAVE selected an installer as well as obtained your technical confirmation, please have your installer initiate an application through their partner portal. If your installer does not have a Bluewave partner portal, the installer should contact 


Phone: 844-SUN-4100


Download our Solar Loan brochure here!


Avidia and BlueWave require that solar loan customers to sell their SRECs through BlueWave's long term SREC purchase program. Our SREC purchase program offers competitive rates and both fixed and floating price options.  This program ensures maximum revenue to our borrowers over time.  

In order to ensure a high quality of installer customer service, BlueWave also requires a partnership agreement with your chosen solar installer. We have partnerships established with most of the leading installers in Massachusetts. In the event that we do not have an agreement in place with your installer, we will work to establish one as quickly as possible. All installers participating in the Mass Solar Loan Program are eligible to partner with us.  


Who is BlueWave?

BlueWave is a solar company founded on a mission to protect our planet by expanding access to solar for everyone, everywhere. Enabling citizens to take control of their energy production, and consumers to choose clean, low cost power.

DOER Approval & Eligibility*

For customers with income at or below the state median ($66,866 annually), MSLP will provide payment equal to 30% of the borrowed amount. For customers with income between 100%-120% of state median income ($66,866-$80,240 annually) MSLP will provide payment equal to 20% of the borrowed amount.

Open an Avidia Checking**

Set up automatic payment from an Avidia Bank Smart checking or Value checking account.