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Savings. We all know we should set up good savings habits, but where do you start? Avidia offers a variety of savings options to suit your savings goals.


  Interest Rates Access Used for: Open Online
Smart Savings Click here for Deposit Rates You have access to your money anytime through ATMs or electronic transfers.* Checking overdraft transfers.
Access when needed.
Set-up auto transfers from checking to savings. 
Open NOW
Money Market Account is limited to 6 checks and electronic transfers per statement period. Unlimited withdrawals in branch and ATMs. Saving money at a higher rate.
Access is not needed on a regular basis. 
Open NOW
CD Click here for CD and IRA Rates Money is held in the amount of time specified by the term you choose. There is a penalty for early withdrawal. Long-term savings defined by the term of the CD. Open NOW
IRA Withdrawals subject to penalties and tax implications. Consult your tax advisor. Saving for retirement or education, depending on the type of IRA opened. Open NOW

*Per federal regulations there is a limit of 6 electronic transfers per statement period from a savings account.

Unlimited withdrawals in branch and ATMs.

Online Account opening available to Massachusetts resident only.

To find out how much you can save, check out our savings calculators!