The Tale of Max Savings Adventures

Adventures of BankSmart Max!

Max McNickel has always been more than a cute piggy bank. As the trusted mascot of Avidia, Max’s mission has been to make savings fun and adventurous! And we think he’s doing a pretty fantastic job! Max may have started as a ceramic piggy bank, but has been brought to life as BankSmartMax so his adventures could travel far beyond our branches! Are you ready to join him? Head on over to our Savings Adventures page to learn more.

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Meet the Creator!

Megg Derosier joined Avidia in 2015. You’ll find her at the Main Office offering creative solutions to keep things fun and entertaining for our customers and staff alike. But her talents don’t end there! Megg is also an accomplished artist. Known in the design world as MeggaDoodle, and on Twitter as  @MeggDBanker, she specializes in pop art and anime-style drawing. She helped Max, our cute piggy bank, find inspiration and definition as BankSmartMax - the lucky charm of Max Savings Adventures!