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At Avidia, our goal is to create more happiness in our community.

Customers who interact with us. Local entrepreneurs in whom we invest. Patrons and clients of the businesses built by said local entrepreneurs. Anyone who passes an Avidia Bank ad and reads the headline. Users reading this website. And this sentence. Right now.

We’re trying to get more smiles on more faces. More fulfillment in more places. We are just a community bank, but we believe in doing our part with passion, honesty, kindness and a bit of good humor along the way. Banking needs to be straightforward, trustworthy and reliable. It doesn’t need to be tedious.

We started in 1869. Kind of.

We started in 1869. Kind of.

In 2007, Hudson Savings Bank and Westborough Bank - both founded in 1869 - merged. The new bank they formed is what is now known as Avidia Bank. Since ‘07, Avidia Bank has become a $2.3 billion mutual community bank. Headquartered in Hudson, we have branches in Hudson, Clinton, Westborough, Northborough, Marlborough, Shrewsbury, Leominster and Framingham, MA. We’re also located at your vaca rental, your back yard, in long lines at the grocery store and anywhere else you bring your phone or your computer.
As noted above, we are genuinely committed to our community and aside from proudly investing in local businesses running the gamut from tech labs to breweries, we have also established the Avidia Bank Charitable Foundation to give back.