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Avidia Bank Credit Cards

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Avidia Rewards

We offer a few different Avidia Mastercards

Whichever one you choose, it’ll come with the following benefits.

Online Banking

Check your balance and your activity, see your available credit, make payments and manage your rewards points all in one place. Sign up for Avidia online banking.

Competitive Rates

Some might say our rates are “highly” competitive. We’ll let you be the judge of that.

Avidia Rewards

Get cash back and earn rewards points virtually every time you use your card. Go to the Avidia Rewards page for more information.

Overdraft Protections

Link your Avidia Bank Mastercard to your Avidia checking account just in case an overdraft happens. A transfer from your credit card to your checking account will be made automatically. Fill out the overdraft transfer form and drop it off at one of our branches to add this option.

Digital Wallet

Add your Avidia Mastercard to your digital wallet for easy, safe checkouts. Your card can be used with ApplePay®, Samsung Pay® or Android Pay®.

No Balance Transfer Fees

Move high-rate balances from another bank’s credit card over to your Avidia Mastercard at no additional cost. See terms and conditions below.

Learn more about balance transfers.

Terms & Conditions

All loan requests are subject to credit approval.