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Mastercard Business Credit Cards

Businesses and business owners can have credit cards, too.

Mastercard Business Credit Card Benefits*

We offer three different Mastercard business credit cards. If you get one, here are some of the benefits you can expect.

MasterTrip Travel Assistance

Traveling more than 50 miles from home? MasterTrip can provide everything from exchange rates and local medical referrals to lost luggage assistance and emergency money transfers.

MasterLegal Referral Service

When abroad and in need of legal consultation, Mastercard will refer you to English-speaking resources at the appropriate embassies and consulates.

MasterRental Insurance

Mastercard provides additional coverage on vehicles rented primarily for business reasons if you rent them for fewer than 31 consecutive days.

Extended Warranty

Make a purchase with your card and Mastercard will double the manufacturer’s warranty on all eligible items up to 12 months.

Purchase Assurance

If an item you buy is damaged or stolen within 90 days of purchase, you’ll be reimbursed.

Master RoadAssist

If your car breaks down in the U.S., just call 1-800-Mastercard. Tell them where you are and they’ll send someone to help.

*For more information, the Mastercard Guide to Benefits for Credit Cardholders.
**Subject to Card Issuer participation. Please check with your issuer to see if you are enrolled in the Easy Savings program.
+These benefits are available only to Mastercard World Elite cardholders.