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Dental Practice Funding and Solutions

Finance new equipment, expand your practice or simply manage your money day to day. All through us. (Avidia Bank.)

Dental Practice Bank Loans

We most commonly provide dentists with term loans and business lines of credit. For what purposes, you ask? Dental practice acquisition funding, to name one. But also for expansion, ownership buy-ins and equipment purchases. And when funding dental practices, we always do so with flexible terms. If not, you’d be less likely to work with us. And we wouldn’t blame you.

Why choose Avidia to fund your dental practice?

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Why choose Avidia to fund your dental practice?

We work like a consultant. We first determine the exact financing options you need then customize our tools accordingly. Never once putting you or your practice in a box. Apply for a loan below!

Here are a few other ways we help dental practices.

Additional services for dental practices.

Additional services for dental practices.

Dental practice bank loans? Check. Online banking? Check. More stuff? Check. We can help you manage daily operations with wire transfers, ACH origination, account reconciliation and EDI reporting. Using Positive Pay, security is always top of mind. And our app just makes banking more convenient. Like, at-home-in-your-underwear convenient.

Inquire about dental practice bank loans and solutions.

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