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    Our lenders’ contact information

    NamePhone NumberEmail
    Joe Sova978-567-3669[email protected]
    Tom Allain 978-567-3647[email protected]
    Avnish Puri978-567-3697[email protected]
    Jamie Wilkins978-567-3556[email protected]
    Tina Ramsey978-567-3678[email protected]
    Maureen Marshall 978-567-3575[email protected]
    Ronald Fraser774-760-1212[email protected]
    Steve McAndrew978-567-3506[email protected]
    Bob Williamson978-567-3677[email protected]
    Daniel L. Provencher978-567-3542[email protected]
    Andrew Miller774-760-1252[email protected]
    Lisa Allegro774-760-1228[email protected]
    Leonard Silva774-760-1143[email protected]

    *Inquiries are limited to the following states: Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Vermont, Maine, Connecticut and Rhode Island.