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Small Business Banking Partnership

In 2011, because of area community banks’ willingness to loan money to small businesses, the Massachusetts Treasurer’s office launched the Small Business Banking Partnership. The initiative places over $100 million in state money on deposit in community banks across the Commonwealth. The banks then lend the money to creditworthy small businesses for expansion purposes and to create new jobs in Massachusetts. We’re proud to take part.

Avidia. Plus small businesses. Equals good.

Avidia. Plus small businesses. Equals good.

As part of the program, we’ve created 24 loans and lent $3,389,339.25 to small businesses in our community. The more we lend, the more businesses can grow. The more business that can grow, the more great stuff there’ll be in MetroWest. Everybody wins.

Inquire about the Small Business Banking Partnership

For more info on how to apply, complete the form below and someone from our business banking team will contact you in a manner that’s fast enough that you might think to yourself, Boy, that was pretty fast.

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    Visit Treasurer’s website

    You can contact the Treasurer’s office directly by calling 617-367-3900 or emailing [email protected].