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Android Pay and Samsung Pay are here!

As Avidia Bank continues to add to its digital wallet offerings, all Avidia MasterCard debit and credit cards are Android Pay and Samsung Pay compatible!


Android and Samsung Pay both offer an easier way to make purchases in stores at contactless enabled terminals or online.

  • Make your purchases in store faster by unlocking your Android phone or swiping up on your Samsung phone and hold it up to the terminal. You do not even need to open the app!
  • Android Pay and Samsung Pay information can be used to quickly checkout either through apps or your phone’s browser.
  • No longer have to search for your card in your wallet or purse or have to enter in card information for online purchases.


Contactless payments are more secure and safer than traditional card purchases. Why?

  • Your card information is encrypted and secure on the phone so if your phone is lost or stolen, your card number cannot be accessed.
  • A virtual account number is used to represent your card for purchases instead of your actual card number.
  • Transactions can be made using fingerprint authentication.

Get Started!

Check out to set up Android Pay

Check out to set up Samsung Pay