Avidia Rewards


Avidia Rewards is an attractive and flexible rewards program that comes with every Avidia Bank credit and debit card. With Avidia Rewards you can:

  • Redeem points for an amazing selection of merchandise and gifts

  • Get CASH BACK for your reward points

  • Earn bonus points by shopping at participating retailers

  • Use your points for travel when booked through Scorecard

  • Every eligible purchase you make goes toward earning reward points

  • Choose to have rewards points from your Avidia credit and debit cards go into a single rewards account

  • Login to your Avidia Rewards account easily through Avidia's Internet Banking

  • Earn more rewards points per dollar using your Avidia Bank MasterCard Debit Card with My Rewards through your Internet Banking or Avidia Mobile App.

Points accrual

For every $1 you spend on eligible purchases with your Avidia Bank Credit Card  you earn 2 points.

For every $3 you spend on eligible purchases with your Avidia Bank Debit Card you earn 1 point when you sign for your purchase or use your PIN.

If you do not have Avidia Bank Internet Banking OR you are logging in as a business:


You can get complete details about the program at our Avidia Rewards microsite powered by Scorecard:

FAQ    Program Rules for Debit Cards  Program Rules for Credit Cards

Bonus Points

Earn MORE points per dollar!

Avidia Rewards offers Avidia Bank MasterCard Credit Card® and MasterCard® Debit Card holders a way to earn more points per dollar in addition to what is already offered. These Bonus Points can be earned just by making purchases at retailers.

Here's how it works:

  • Logon to your Avidia Bank Online Banking Account.
  • Access your Avidia Rewards Account by clicking on the "Rewards Account" link.
  • You will then be brought to the Scorecard homepage
  • Click on the "Go Shopping" button under the "Score More" box and you now have access to hundreds of participating retailers and their corresponding bonus point offers.
  • Purchases must be made online through the Scorecard site* to earn the retailers' bonus points offer unless stated otherwise. *You will be brought to the retailer’s site via Scorecard to make your purchase.
  • Once a purchase is made, points will be added to your points account within 30-60 days.

Retailers range from clothing stores, automotive stores, amusement parks, pharmacies, office supply stores, electronic stores, flower delivery carriers and they are the brands you know and trust.

My Rewards!

My Rewards is a great way to increase your Avidia Rewards points earnings.

My Rewards presents you with offers based on your spending habits through your Avidia Bank MasterCard Debit Card. Offers will be available to view through Internet Banking and Avidia Mobile. The only thing you need to do is to click on an offer to 'activate' it. Once activated, the next time you shop at that particular store, you will be able to use that offer - Automatically. Just make sure you use the offer before it expires!

My Rewards helps you build up rewards points faster by offering more points per dollar offered by each merchant.** 

**Offers can change at any time. Avidia Bank is not affiliated with the listed retailers.

If you ever need assistance with your rewards account, please contact Scorecard at 1-800-854-0790.