Account Management Services

With fraud on the rise and businesses not immune to becoming victims, our account management services can help set up deterrents to electronic theft. Our services can monitor check altering, ACH transactions, or help you reconcile your account.

Our Account Management tools are designed to streamline your day to day account management duties as well as to detect and prevent fraud.  At Avidia Bank, we recognize the importance of protecting your deposits and recommend use of the services listed below.

Check Positive Pay

Protect your business from check fraud with Positive Pay. With this service, check issued information is matched against incoming transactions and any differences or discrepancies are flagged as exceptions. Using Business Express Internet Banking you can then view the exceptions and return an item, if it is believed to be fraudulent. Positive Pay is the tool your business needs to detect check fraud early enough to prevent it!

ACH Positive Pay

Most accounts have some authorized ACH transactions that hit the account each month.  This service helps protect you from those that are not authorized.  ACH positive Pay provides you with the ability to review ACH debit transactions before they are posted to the account.  View these transactions on Business Express Online Banking, make individual decisions and even create “rules” to allow future transactions to clear the account.  Here is a list of supported browsers for ACH Positive Pay

ACH Blocks

This service is ideal for an account that never receives electronic transactions.  We will “block” all ACH debit and/or credit transactions from being posted to your account.  Once the block is put into place, all future ACH transactions will be returned as unauthorized transactions. 

Account Reconciliation

Let us reduce your bookkeeping time and costs with our Account Reconciliation service. Upload your check issued information in a variety of formats and we'll provide summary and detail reports of account and check activity. We'll reconcile your account daily, significantly reducing your month end reconciliation efforts. Here is a list of supported browsers for ACH Positive Pay.
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