AvidiaPay - Business Payment Solutions

As a participating bank on the Bank Centric Payments platform, Avidia Bank offers our business clients more convenient and innovative ways to accept payments.

Use your AvidiaPay login to securely accept payments through:

  • Online Forms: Rapidly create or update online forms, email customer receipts, simplify online payments.
  • Mobile App: Use iOS & Android platforms, add custom fields, 'look-up' retrieves amount due.
  • Email Billing: Unlimited email templates, supports virtual file attachments, send one or thousands at a time.
  • Pay by Text: Send one or many payment-ready text messages to accept payments or donations. 
  • Virtual Terminal: Create custom virtual terminals, connect to your contact list, plug-ins for swipe, pin & signature. 
  • Interactive Voice Response (IVR): Set up in minutes, no equipment required, accept credit & ACH.
  • Online Shopping Cart: Use your preferred shopping card, secure payments (EV 256 TSL 1.2.), manage orders, tax & shipping.

If you are a bank or payments services provider interested in teaming with Avidia Bank on the Bank Centric Payments platform, please contact Cliff Thompson at c.thompson@avidiabank.com.