Cash Collections and Concentration Services

Avidia has created a line of services to help you streamline your incoming cash. Whether saving you a trip to the bank via our eDeposit service, collecting payments in a lockbox or setting up a merchant terminal, we have something that can help make this process an easier one.


Avidia Bank's eDeposit service enables business customers to make check deposits right from their desks!  View more details about eDeposit.

ACH Collections/Cash Concentration

We can assist you in collecting receivables and concentrating your cash more efficiently and conveniently through our Automated Clearing House (ACH). Use Business Express Internet Banking to securely transmit your ACH transactions to Avidia Bank for processing.

Pre-Authorized Debits

Utilizing the Automated Clearing House (ACH), customers can generate Pre-Authorized Debits to collect receivables electronically into their Avidia account.

Pre-Authorized Debits let you:
  • Speed up the collection of receivables
  • Improve forecasting
  • Improve cash-flow control
  • Maximize investments
  • Reduce borrowings
Cash Concentration

Cash Concentration allows our customers with multiple locations to maintain convenient local banking relationships and still consolidate all balances into their centralized corporate account at Avidia Bank using the Automated Clearing House (ACH). This helps to minimize idle balances in local bank accounts, thus increasing balances at Avidia Bank to be used for investment or reducing loan borrowings.


Lockbox Service

This service allows our customers to have their receivables mailed to a post office box managed by the Bank. We collect, process, image and deposit your customer remittances into your Avidia account, all on the same day. Detailed reporting by Avidia Bank provides up-to-date and accurate information. Let Lockbox convert your check payments into cash quickly and reduce your daily internal operational requirements.

Zero Balance Account (ZBA)

ZBA's consolidate balances from multiple or sub-accounts into a single master account, maximizing funds for investment. After transactions are posted each night among the sub-accounts, automatic transfers fund disbursements in the sub-accounts and consolidate deposits into the master account. The sub-accounts are then returned to a zero balance. ZBA's automate funding and eliminate idle sub-account balances.


Deposit Escrow Sub Account (DESA)

This service is perfect for property managers, landlords, attorneys or anyone needing to hold deposits in escrow for another party. A “master” checking account in the name of the property manager is opened and acts as the hub for individual interest bearing savings accounts which are opened for each separate deposit. Business Express Online Banking is used to facilitate the movement of funds in to and out of sub accounts. A consolidated statement including the master checking account and all escrow sub accounts is produced each month and sent to the property manager, landlord or attorney. Individual sub account statements are produced quarterly and sent to the sub account owner. All annual tax reporting and notices are handled by the bank. Automated annual interest checks are optional.

Merchant Bankcard Services

Avidia Bank offers a complete package of state-of-the-art bankcard processing services that can be customized to meet the needs of any business. The latest technology plus the best possible price comes complete with unbeatable local service.