Merchant Card Services

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Avidia Bank offers business customers a variety of cost-effective Merchant Card Services:

Having the ability to accept credit and debit cards as payment gives your business the following advantages:

  • Gives you the ability to increase your customer base to those who barely carry cash

  • Improves cash flow

  • Increases customer convenience

  • Improves reconciliation of transaction history through reports

  • Reduces your billing expenses

  • Timely collection of receivables

Our Merchant Card Services Program includes the following:

  • VISA ®, MasterCard ®, Discover ® and American Express ® Acceptance

  • Funding within 24-48 hours

  • Low cost equipment with an interest fee monthly payment option

  • On-site installation and personalized staff training

  • Fraud management/risk prevention assistance and education

  • Up to $100,000 coverage with Breach Insurance

  • Competitive pricing

  • Processing through one of the top credit card processors in the United States

  • Elevate Query System

See Card Processing Solutions for more information.  You may also call us at (978) 567-3573 if you have questions, or request a quote.

Avidia Bank understands the needs of large and small businesses in the retail, restaurant, mail-order, medical and educational industries.  We will tailor a program to fit your business, provide on-site training for you and your staff, as well as provide 24/7 support.

Processing a card for payment can be done through a stand-alone credit card terminal, most mobile devices, iPads or tablets with our Mobile Payment Acceptance solution, an online option or a point-of-sale solution.  We only work with compliant point-of-sale systems and equipment.

See Internet Commerce Solutions for more information. You may also call us at (978) 567-3573 if you have questions, or request a quote.

If you have an eCommerce site/shopping cart, we have multiple processing/gateway solutions which allow your customers the ability to pay you or shop on-line.  Both of these options would give you on-line credit card processing as well as a virtual terminal, which allows your sales reps to process payments they receive.  These browser based processing methods would replace the standard credit card terminal.  Quarterly data security scans are required.

Gateway solutions offer you the following:

  • Shopping cart integration

  • Advanced Fraud Detection Suite

  • Customer Information Manager

  • Recurring billing

  • Invoicing/E-mail billing

  • ACH acceptance

  • Pay by text

  • Ability to process via a mobile phone, iPad, or tablet

See our Data Security Program for more information. You may also call us at (978) 567-3573 if you have questions, or request a quote.


Visa ®, MasterCard ®, Discover ® and American Express ® have implemented Data Security Standards (DSS) for the Payment Card Industry (PCI). Card processors and merchants who process, obtain, transmit and/or store cardholder data must comply with these standards. Necessary measures must be taken that ensure they have a secure website, network, card acceptance/processing system and customer information.

Compliance helps you safeguard critical business information and avoid potential security breaches, data compromises, penalties and fines.

Avidia Bank has partnered with SecurityMetrics to assist merchants with validating their compliance standing and to fulfill their requirement of PCI DSS.  SecurityMetrics’s site certification program provides full merchant compliance and automatic reporting to Merchant Card Services as well as Visa and MasterCard, when applicable.  The full compliance program includes security testing of your internet connections, software and/or hardware applications, and quarterly network system scans (if needed).  You will also have the ability to complete the annual Self-Assessment Questionnaire on-line.

Enrollment for the program is easy and affordable, as an Avidia Bank merchant you will receive a discounted price for this program as well as $100,000 Breach Insurance.  Enrollment information will be given to you at the time of your new merchant account installation and personalized training.

You may also call us at (978) 567-3573 if you have questions, or request a quote.

The Elevate Query System is an online management tool that provides you with your processing information 24 hours a day, through a secure password protected website.  Once logged in, you will be able to search and view settled transactions, batches and merchant statements.

  • History of your settled transactions
  • Merchant statement history
  • Individual transactions via specific search criteria
  • Batch totals
  • Detailed transactions within a batch

Elevate Query System is easy to use and does not require software installation.  For more information, call our Merchant Card Services Department at (978) 567-3573 if you have questions, or request a quote.

Turn your mobile phone, iPad ® or tablet into a secure mobile card processor to easily accept credit and debit card payments anytime, anywhere.

Mobile Payment Acceptance is a complete mobile payment solution made especially for businesses that need a simple and secure solution to take signature debit and credit card transactions while on the go.  Simply attach the easy to install secure card reader authenticator, download the app and you can start accepting credit cards including Visa ®, MasterCard ®, Amex ® and Discover ® anytime, anywhere.


  • Mobile Payment Acceptance uses the most reliable and safest card swipe reader

  • Reduce Chargebacks with real-time counterfeit card detection

  • Instant encryption so sensitive card details never enter your phone


Mobile Payment Acceptance helps you grow your business, offer superior customer service and quickly access your funds.

  • Lower transaction rates by offering authentic, card present transactions.

  • No holds placed on funds.

  • Get paid fast, all funds are available within 2 business days

 And More...

  • Support for retail and restaurant businesses.

  • Reporting and account management

  • Tip and tax calculator​

  • On-screen signature capture

Mobile Payment Acceptance can be used with most mobile devices, iPads & tablets.

A Merchant Card Services Account is required to use Mobile Payment Acceptance.

To learn more, contact our Merchant Card Services Department by phone at (978) 567-3573 or by e-mail at​

For more information call our Business Banking Services Department at (800) 397-2225.