Hudson Main Branch Migration

We have some exciting changes happening at Avidia Bank at our downtown Hudson locations.

Starting on April 6th, 2020, we will be transitioning all branch banking from our Main Office at 42 Main Street in Hudson to the Avidia Financial Center located 17 Pope Street in Hudson. All the banking services you enjoy today will be relocated to our newly renovated location. Additionally, this location includes a drive-up ATM and ample parking. We’re looking forward to this exciting change, as it will make way for future expansion, keeping pace with the growing communities we serve.

We’ve started plans to remodel the Main Office into a full-time corporate office center, with construction beginning in April of this year. The newly remodeled 1st floor of 42 Main Street will house additional business partners and flexible shared workspace space for our employees. Stay tuned for more details, as we’re planning to reveal our new look this Fall!

  • Why are you closing the Main Office? That’s a staple on Main Street! 

Don’t worry, we’re not closing! Our location at 42 Main Street will continue to be open to the public to house our business partners and corporate offices. Branch banking will transition to 17 Pope Street by April 6th 2020, where we have a newly renovated space and the parking is more accessible! While our Main Office may look a little different on the inside, you can expect that same support for our community, customers and businesses.

  • The Financial Center only has a few teller stations. I'm not going to wait in that line!

Great news! We'll be adding more space for teller transactions to make your banking simple and easy! Look for that to start taking shape within the next few months.

  • What about my favorite bankers? Will they still be there to help? 

Absolutely! Your favorite team looks forward to servicing you at 17 Pope St, just like they do now. We know that the "Main Office" isn't about one building or another, it's about the team of people you have grown to know and trust. They'll be happy to help you with your banking needs no matter where their desk is located.

  • What about my safe deposit box? Will I still go to Main St to access that? 

We have notified our safe deposit box customers via a mailing so be sure to check your mailbox for more information. Safe Deposit Boxes will be safely transported to their new home at the Avidia Financial Center at 17 Pope Street.  A special notification was sent to safe deposit box holders notifying them of the details. If you are a safe deposit box customer and need additional information regarding this process, please reach out to the Main Office team at 978-562-2222.

  • Will there still be drive-up banking at 42 Main Street? 

With the bustle of downtown Hudson, many of our customers find the drive-ups at 17 Pope St and 221 Washington Street to be more convenient. After Friday, April 3rd 2020, we will no longer have branch banking or drive-up services at Main Street. Stay tuned for an exciting new way we’ll use that space!

  • Will there still be ATM access at 42 Main Street? 

Many of our Hudson friends already prefer to use the ATM at 17 Pope St, which includes convenient drive-up access! If you haven’t checked it out yet, give it a try!  We’ll be removing our ATM on Main Street in early April as we re-invent this space for better use!

  • What about your branch on Washington St? I heard you're moving that as well. 

Yes! We're still finalizing plans to relocate our 221 Washington St branch to a new location right across the street, which will open sometime in 2021. This branch will include updated technology to make our banking services easier and more accessible. We can’t wait to share more about that project with you!

    For more information about our Hudson Main St Branch migration, please call (800) 508-2265