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Integrated Payables

Break down the obstacles to electronic Accounts Payables payments.

With Avidia Bank’s Integrated Payables product, your business will be able to easily automate your Accounts Payable process, enhance security of your payments, and help improve your business’ efficiency.


Streamline the AP Process

Check print, mail outsourcing, and vendor enrollment for ACH and virtual card (vCard) payments, all made easy.

Increase Revenue

Convert check transactions to card transactions, which are eligible for a monthly rebate.

Reduce Cost

Reduce internal labor costs and costs associated with printing and mailing checks.

Mitigate Fraud

Integrated Payables includes various controls to help you mitigate fraud, which include submit, review, and release capabilities.

Virtual Card Payments

These reduce internal costs by moving your payments from paper to electronic payments.

Transform your AP department from a cost center into a revenue generator, with Avidia Bank’s Integrated Payables. To get started, contact us.