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The Avidia Business app.

For business owners. Who are also people.

No matter how many hats you wear running a business, you’ll never take off the “human being” one. And seeing as most human beings are never more than arm’s length away from their phone or tablet, we made the Avidia Business app. Check or handle whatever you need to. Then move on to other important things. Without having to squeeze in a trip to the bank.

What you can do on the Avidia Business app

Nothing mind-blowing. Just convenient, highly useful features that all banks should offer you.

Make transfers and deposit checks.

Any time you like, you can transfer money between your accounts. The mobile deposit feature also lets you deposit checks simply by taking photos of the check.

Stay secure.

Access your account with fingerprint or facial recognition. Both options are available if you have an iPhone. Only the fingerprint option is available on Android.

Monitor your accounts.

Swipe between your checking, savings and loan accounts to see balances and activity. Search for transactions by date, amount or check number. On an iPad, you can create a custom display as well.