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Password Requirements for Business Express Internet Banking

The following password requirements apply to all Business eBanking users.

  • Must be at least eight characters in length but no more than 12.
  • Must include a combination of two of the following types of characters:
  • Letters—A through Z, upper and/or lower-case. Passwords are not case sensitive.
  • Numbers—0 through 9
  • Special characters—Pound (#), dollar ($), or at (@).
  • Cannot include more than three consecutive identical characters. For example, t@llllama is not allowed but t@lllama is.
  • Cannot be the same as the associated user ID.
  • Cannot be one of 15 previously used passwords. The exception to this requirement is temporary passwords issued by Business eBanking Administration role users and the financial organization.

Please also remember:

  • Users will be locked out after three consecutive failed login attempts.
  • Passwords must be reset every 90 days.
  • Inactivity time-out is 20 minutes.
  • To help you create stronger passwords and keep them safe, Microsoft has excellent resources such as a page dedicated to creating strong passwords.