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Kids' Savings Accounts

Adventure Savings Account from Avidia

An Adventure Savings account is a kids’ bank account filled with bonus features designed to turn managing and saving money into something fun. Parents love the skillset. Kids love the money.

Rewards, bonuses and general goodness.

Rewards, bonuses and general goodness.

Adventure Savings accounts are for kids between three and 13 years old. We want to encourage good habits early on, so kids’ bank accounts offer a little extra joy as a reward. Kids get Max Adventure Starter Kits, which include toys, activities and more plus they get surprises on their birthdays. We also host Adventure Days at our branches and reward kids with prizes when they reach specific savings milestones.

Prizes for Savings Milestones

Account BalancePrize**
$100$5 Amazon Gift Cards^
$250$10 Amazon Gift Card
$500$15 Amazon Gift Card
$1,000$25 Amazon Gift Card

Adventure Savings FAQs


What do we need to open an Adventure Savings account?
A $10 initial deposit is all you need to get started.


How much do Adventure Savings accounts earn?
Interest rates* are “tiered.” The more money in the account, the higher your interest rate will be.


Are there any fees?
Nope. Adventure Savings accounts have no maintenance fees.

Rates and APY*

Minimum Opening Deposit
Deposit Rates Effective 04/28/23
Interest RateAnnual Percentage Yield (APY)Daily minimum balance to obtain APY

That’s all there is to it. Come to one of our branches to open an Adventure Savings account.

Open an Account

*Annual Percentage Yield and Interest Rate may vary after account opening. For up-to-date rate information, please view our rate sheet located at any Avidia Bank branch or on this page.
**Prizes may vary and are subject to change at any time.Once you reach an account balance prize level, your award will be mailed to you within 30 days.