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First Checking Accounts

For teens who are being told to get a job, we say, first, get a checking account.

First Checking Benefits

  • Includes a debit card with free transactions at all SUM & All Point network ATMs
  • Free online banking and use of the Avidia app
  • Free checks
  • Free online or paper statements

First Checking Requirements

  • $10.00 initial deposit
  • Must be between the ages of 14 and 18
  • Opening an account online is only available to people who live in New England

Free Services with First Checking

Early Deposit

Image of Max and Oliver back to back

Early Deposit

Save yourself a trip to the bank.  With direct deposit, your paychecks, Social Security, tax refunds or stock dividends can be automatically deposited in your account. Your money could be available up to two days early. No enrollment necessary!