Mobile Banking

Avidia's mobile banking app was built for those who prefer to conduct their banking wherever they are. Download the latest mobile app from Avidia and feel the freedom of banking when you want, where you want and how you want.

Digital Receipts

Dealing with all your receipts is a hassle! Introducing, Digital Receipts for Avidia Bank. Perfect for the budgeter, business traveler, and everyday shopper! This feature allows you to capture both paper and email receipts and automatically link them to debit card transactions and organize into folders. You’ll also easily be able to export receipts and key information for accounting, tax preparation or for expense reports.

Savvy Credit

With our latest feature, available inside the Avidia mobile app, you can model and track your credit score easily. Savvy Credit enables you to get a free credit score every month, personalized analysis of each component of your score and clear, simple explanations of factors impacting your score.  

Card Controls

Card Controls for your Avidia Bank Consumer Debit Card - an enhancement in our Mobile Banking App. Card Controls enables you to easily monitor your Debit Card with alerts, set restrictions on purchases, and even turn your card on and off on demand. Learn how to use this feature here.


After you complete a transaction at the bank, we can email you your receipt, which saves on paper and keeps people safe with less items to be touched.

  • E-receipts will be available for deposits/over the counter withdrawals to any account, transfers done at the teller line, and loan payments. (not available for safe box or credit card payments)
  • You still have the option for a balance or no balance (for deposit accounts only) on the email receipt.
  • We will only send to the email address on file for greater security, and can only be sent to email addresses of account holders.
Avidia Mobile Benefits

 Avidia Mobile allows you to securely:

  • View account balances and search transactions by date, amount or check number
  • Transfer money between your Avidia accounts
  • Pay bills and and deposit checks.
  • Use People Pay to pay individuals in real time with no fee*
  • Withdraw money from Avidia ATMS using Cardless Cash.
  • Calculate savings and loan results using Smart Calculators and email yourself the results.
  • Activate PayPal
Download App

Download the Avidia Mobile app to your Smartphone through:

Get it on Google Play

Avidia Banking MA Mobile App

If you already have an Internet Banking account with Avidia Bank, your login information for Avidia Mobile is the same as Internet Banking. You will be asked a series of questions. Once verified, you will have immediate access to your accounts.


 Avidia Mobile requirements:

  • A mobile phone with Text Messaging
  • A mobile phone with Internet Access
  • To use our Avidia Mobile App you must have a Smartphone with the ability to download an application

 *Standard messaging rates apply

 Still have questions about Mobile Banking? Visit our Mobile Banking Help page.

 As always, to protect your phone, here is a list of Mobile Banking Best Practices.

Mobile Banking Best Practices

Even though information is encrypted through Avidia Mobile, it’s beneficial to enact some best practices to keep information safe on your mobile device.

  •  Password protect your phone by enabling the use of a passcode when you take your phone out of sleep mode.
  • Make sure you do not use universal usernames and passwords like ones you use for other online accounts such as Facebook, Gmail, Linkedin and more.
  • Make sure your passwords are not easily guessable.
  • “Log out” of your Avidia Mobile app when you are done. Even though the app closes when you press your home button, it is still a good practice to log out completely.
  • Avidia Bank will never contact you via phone call or text and ask you to login to your mobile app or ask for account verification. Please contact the bank if you receive such notices.
  •  Make sure an App that you are downloading is from a reputable developer. Also, read what information the app is requesting to access such as your contacts, location and photos.
  • Do not click on any link in a text message from an unknown source. Delete if necessary.
  • Take the proper measures to make sure that if you should lose your phone or if it is stolen that you can locate it through a tracking App and remote in to erase any important information.
  • If you use Bluetooth, make sure your phone is in non-discoverable mode so that unwanted downloads are not able to access your phone.

As always, Avidia Mobile is safe to use over your mobile device. Your information is encrypted in the same manner as our Internet Banking product. Just always remember to never store your PIN numbers to these Apps on your phone.

If you ever have any questions about the safety of Avidia Mobile, please do not hesitate to contact us at 800-508-2265.