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Come to the Party to Celebrate Earth Day with 7 Green Ways to Bank

It’s that time of year again – when more than 1 billion people around the world come together to celebrate our most precious resource – a little thing we call Earth. Yup, this April 22 will mark the 51st birthday of Earth Day. This annual global movement, celebrated every April 22, was created to remind us all about the importance of protecting our planet and the actions we can all take to make a difference.


Introducing the New Avidia Financial Literacy Learning Center

April is Financial Literacy Month (No Foolin’). And while that may not seem as exciting as some of the other awareness events in April, such as National Humor Month or National Welding Month, it’s a helpful reminder to think about one of the most important factors in achieving your goals – your finances.

To make that easier, Avidia is pleased to bring a new educational feature right to you – our new online Financial Literacy Learning Center powered by EVERFI.


Financial Recovery Guide for 2021

By: Jean Chatzky
Originally posted on the Savvy Money Blog.

If your budget took a hit or a nosedive in 2020, here are tips (strategies?) you may not have considered to get back on track in the new year


Fraud Prevention at Your Fingertips

5 Ways Avidia Mobile Banking Can Help You Protect Your Money


There’s only one you.

Yet fraudsters are always working to change that – whether they’re sending phishing emails, attempting to steal debit card numbers, or even diving in dumpsters (gross!).

That’s why, now more than ever before, you need to protect and monitor your finances. Fortunately, you have a tool at your fingertips that can help you – your mobile banking app.

Avidia Mobile Banking offers some great features and tools to help you protect your money. Here are five: