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Banking for Nonprofits 101

When you’re a nonprofit, you have a lot to consider, like 501-( c ) ( 3 ) status, taxes, making tight budgets work, getting donations, running a board of directors… the list goes on!  The last thing on your mind is likely what to consider when you’re thinking about banks.

Of course, there’s a bank on every corner in Massachusetts so maybe you just pick one, but perhaps there’s also special considerations to be made in regards to where you will keep your funds and manage transactions. 

Here are some things to look for:


Top FinTech Conferences - 2019

Looking for a FinTech Conference to learn more and see demos of new financial technology being developed? Here’s our top picks for FinTech Conferences!

Boston FinTech Week

When: Sept. 9 – 13 Boston, MA



Take you kids on a Sa-weet Savings Adventure This Summer

What would you do with a marshmallow? It’s a question that Stanford University posed to elementary students in the late 60s and early 70s as part of an experiment on delayed gratification. In the study, each student was given one marshmallow along with a promise: if they could wait 15 minutes, they would get an additional marshmallow, thereby doubling their return on investment. One third of the students waited to receive an additional marshmallow, while the remainder succumbed to the immediate desire to eat the single one.

The experiment didn’t stop there.


Proud Partner in Helping Promoting Equality and Acceptance

The weather in New England may not have always been ideal in the month of June, but rainbows are everywhere. You can spot them on car bumper stickers, on front lawns, and on the backs of those who fight every day for acceptance, inclusion, and understanding.

It’s Pride Month, when members of the LGBTQ+ community come together to celebrate the freedom to be themselves. By the sheer masses of people who turn out to participate in Pride parades and the number of businesses that proudly fly their rainbow flags in support, it’s clear that the LGBTQ+ community has come a long way.