Senior Checking - the Free Checking Accounts for Seniors from Avidia Bank

Senior Checking

Senior Checking offers interest on balances of $.01 and higher with no minimum balance requirements or monthly maintenance fees. We also provide you with personalized wallet Specialty Grey checks free of charge.

If you are 65 years of age or older, you can take advantage of our Senior Checking Account.

To be eligible, fill out a special registration card at your local Avidia Bank.

Online account opening available to New England residents only.


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Debit Card with Avidia Rewards+

Avidia Bank debit cards allow you to enjoy the convenience of a credit card, yet pay directly with funds from your checking account. Plus, with our Avidia Rewards+ program, you can get cash back and earn rewards points virtually every time you use Avidia debit cards. If you have both a debit card and a credit card from Avidia, your rewards points are combined and go into a single Avidia Rewards+ account, so you earn points faster while having the flexibility to use either your credit or debit card. You can use your reward points for travel, merchandise & CASH BACK.

Direct Deposit

Direct Deposit is a free, fast, simple way to deposit money into your account(s) electronically. You can use it to deposit your pay, Social Security, tax refunds, stock dividends, directly into any account. Direct Deposit saves you the time and effort of making a trip to the bank and your money is available to you the day the check is received. Direct Deposit may also qualify you for some bank services that offer lower fees, or that pay higher rates.