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Welcome to Apple Pay

Apple PayTM offers iPhone 6 & 6S, Apple Watch and iPad users an easier and safer way to pay for transactions at the store or within apps. All Avidia MasterCard® credit cards and debit cards are Apple Pay enabled so try it out today!

An Easier Way to Pay

Pay for your purchases in-store using Touch IDTM. Simply hold your iPhone 6 or 6S near the contactless reader with your finger on Touch ID. Your phone will wake up automatically or double -click the home button when your iPhone is locked to access your wallet and make your purchase.


A SAFER Way to Pay

Paying through Apple Pay is safer than using your physical debit or credit card. When you add your card to Apple Pay a unique Device Account Number is created, encrypted and secured on your phone. No account information is exchanged with the merchant. In addition, because it uses Touch ID or passcode, only you can make a purchase using your device.

How can I enroll my Avidia Bank Debit or Credit Card in Apple Pay?

  1. Simply open your iPhone Wallet, scan the card you want to add, confirm card details and add the expiration date and security code.
  2. Once you agree to the Apple Pay Terms and Conditions, your card will be added to your wallet.
  3. Call the phone number displayed for card verification to answer a few simple security questions and you are good to go.

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