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PPP Loan Forgiveness

Avidia Bank is ready to assist you with the Loan Forgiveness process under the Paycheck Protection Program. According to current PPP Loan Forgiveness guidance, all PPP borrowers are required to submit a PPP Loan Forgiveness Application to the SBA. Please see the resources at the bottom of this page for details.

Click here for updates to the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) Flexibility Act that extends the payment deferral period and other updates to the terms of your PPP loan.

We have created an easy to use portal for you to complete the application and upload the required information set forth by the Small Business Administration (SBA). You can access the online application directly by selecting the Apply Now button and using the same user ID (your email address) and password that you created when you applied for your PPP loan.

The portal is intuitive and will guide you through the process. You will have the option to save any progress you make and return to the portal to finish your application later, if needed. Along with completing the online application, you may need to upload one or more supporting documents, depending on your circumstances.

What you need to know to complete the Loan Forgiveness Application:

  1. Once you apply, we will review your application and supporting documentation to submit to the SBA. Upon our review, we will send you the completed loan forgiveness form via email for your electronic signature.
  2. You can expect an update from your loan officer no later than 21 days after your application is submitted. You will be contacted if additional information is needed and you will be able to check the status of your application by logging into the application portal at any time.
  3. The SBA makes the final forgiveness determination and typically issues the forgiveness proceeds within 90 days of our submission, but may take longer. We will notify you of the SBA determination upon receipt.
  4. The SBA has final decision-making authority on the amount to be forgiven and a copy of the SBA Payment Confirmation Letter will be made available to you in the loan forgiveness portal when it becomes available.

SBA has mandated that banks be responsible for reviewing, accepting, and submitting the PPP loan forgiveness applications and supporting documentation to the SBA for forgiveness. In order to avoid a conflict of interest, Avidia Bank may provide only limited assistance in completing information or calculating data on your PPP Loan Forgiveness Application. You should check with your accounting, payroll and/or tax professional should you need additional help.

Apply For Forgiveness Now

Apply Here

**Please note that Google Chrome is the recommended browser for accessing the forgiveness portal.**

Information regarding PPP loan forgiveness found on this page is based on that which has been released by the U.S. Treasury Department and SBA. PPP loan recipients shouldstay informed of the latest information released by these agencies using the resources below.

Small Business Administration

U.S. Department of the Treasury

PPP Loan Forgiveness FAQs

PPP Loan Program FAQs

Forgiveness Application Forms & Instructions:

The links to these forms are being provided here for reference only. You will submit your forgiveness application electronically by clicking on the “Apply Now” link provided above.

Form 3508 and Instructions

Form 3508EZ and Instructions

Form 3508S and Instructions