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Beware of a Credit Card Phishing Scam

In a previous blog, Beware of Unemployment Fraud, we told you about how those sneaky, sketchy identity thieves are filing false unemployment claims to exploit victims during the COVID-19 crisis. Now, it appears they’re at it again with another way to defraud unsuspecting victims. This time it involves a phishing scam when they spam unsuspecting victims offering a free credit card check to see if credit card information has been stolen. The spam includes a field where victims are prompted to enter their credit card number and CVV. Identity thieves then use the information to steal your credit card. Ouch!

But as the information security office at Avidia Bank, points out, phishing is nothing new, though now has presented the perfect opportunity to strike. Identity thieves have been rehashing old schemes and using them during COVID-19 to capitalize on people’s fears.

So how can you protect yourself from becoming hooked by this phishing scam?  It starts with using common sense and being vigilant. That involves taking the following steps:

·         Don’t click on links in emails or text messages – even from companies or people you may know. If you receive an email from UPS about a delivery, instead of clicking on a link, go to the secure UPS website and log in to check the shipping numbers.

·         Never share your personal or account or credit card information with companies with which you do not know or do business.

·         Remember that Avidia Bank will never call you asking for your credit card numbers or other personal information.

·         Many of the URL’s used look legitimate but redirect you to offshore sites. Never assume the link is safe.

·         Monitor your credit card balances and activity.

If you believe your Avidia credit card has been compromised call us immediately. We’ll be here for you.