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Business World Elite Credit Card

If you’re frequently on the move—for either business or leisure—you should get a credit card that complements your lifestyle. The Business World Elite Mastercard lets you earn unlimited rewards points with no annual fee or balance transfer fees. It comes with a personal travel consultant and the full suite of Mastercard’s MasterAssist Travel Services. Basically, anywhere you need or want to go, there’s a perk.

Rewards, bonuses and general goodness.

Rewards, bonuses and general goodness.

World Elite Mastercards come with a custom rewards points structure. You’ll earn 1.5 points for every dollar spent on eligible purchases. You also get exclusive discounts on ride-shares, online shopping, movie tickets and other offers and experiences both locally and beyond MetroWest. Plus, enjoy access to airport lounges. Gee. Who doesn’t love that?

Avidia Rewards

Avidia Rewards

Earn rewards points virtually every time you use your Mastercard business credit card. If you have both a debit card and a credit card from Avidia, your rewards points will be combined and go into a single Avidia Rewards account for you to use. You can redeem your reward points for cash back, travel and merchandise.

To get your own World Elite Mastercard, visit one of our branches or click the button just below.

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Card lost or stolen?

Don’t worry. To report a lost or stolen credit card, call 866-544-1015.

Curious about alerts?

Click here to visit our credit card alerts FAQ page.

More questions?

To find out more about a credit card alert you received, call 855-961-1602.

/*For more information, the Mastercard Guide to Benefits for Credit Cardholders.

**Transactions excluded from point calculation include cash advances, ATM withdrawals, convenience checks, balance transfers, any fees and card-related charges posted to a Card account, tax payments or any unauthorized charges or transactions. Avidia Bank is not affiliated with any retailer participating in the bonus point program. Avidia Bank reserves the right to change the program at any time.

The Annual Percentage Rate(s) applied to your account may vary monthly and will be equal to the “Index Rate” plus a margin of 5.74%. The Index Rate is the highest U.S. Prime Rate listed in the Money Rates sections of The Wall Street Journal on the last day of publication of the month immediately preceding each billing date which is 8.50% as of 5/2/2024.

As of 5/7/2024, the Monthly Periodic Rate of Finance Charge was 1.19%. The corresponding Annual Percentage Rate was 14.24%.