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Interest Rates on Certificates of Deposit and IRAs

Effective 01/25/23

Certificates of Deposit

CD TermMinimum Opening BalanceInterest Rate**Annual Percentage Yield (APY)Daily Minimum Balance to Obtain APY*
3 Months $1,0001.00%1.01%$1,000
6 Months $1,0001.10%1.11%$1,000
9 Months$1,0003.75%3.75%$1,000
12 Months $1,0003.00%3.05%$1,000
18 Months $1,0002.50%2.53%$1,000
22 Months#$10002.80%2.84%$1000
24 Months$1,0001.90%1.92%$1,000
30 Months^$1,0002.00%2.02%$1,000
36 Months$1,0002.20%2.22%$1,000
48 Months$1,0002.30%2.33%$1,000
60 Months $1,0002.40%2.43%$1,000

IRA Certificates of Deposit

CD Term Minimum Opening BalanceInterest Rate**Annual Percentage Yield (APY)Daily Minimum Balance to Obtain APY*
12 Months$5003.00%3.05%$500
18 Months$5002.50%2.53%$500
24 Months $5001.90%1.92%$500
30 Months^$5002.00%2.02%$500
36 Months$5002.20%2.22%$500
48 Months$5002.30%2.33%$500
60 Months$5002.40%2.43%$500

IRA Money Market

Minimum Opening BalanceBalanceInterest Rate**Annual Percentage YieldMinimum Balance to Obtain APY*
$50$0.01 - $49,9990.25%0.25%$50

Contact a customer service rep at any of our locations for more information about applicable fees and terms. Or, call our call center at 800-508-2265.

# Annual Percentage Yield (APY) of 2.84% is based on an interest rate of 2.80% and as effective 10/3/2022. APY subject to change without notice. For current customers and new customers with non-maturity deposits of $5,000 or more at Avidia Bank. Non-maturity deposits considered are checking, savings and money market accounts. Unless changes are made to your account during the 10 day grace period following maturity, the Certificate of Deposit (CD) will renew for a 24 month term at the then, current rate. The minimum balance to obtain the APY is $1,000. Minimum deposit to open the account is $1,000. No maintenance fees. IRA accounts are not eligible for this promotional rate. CDs are business and consumer eligible. Offer maybe withdrawn at any time. A penalty may be imposed for early withdrawal.

*The daily minimum balance is the amount of principal in the account each day. A penalty may be imposed if there is an early withdrawal.
**Rate may change after account opening.
^Our 30-month “bump up” CD and IRA CD feature a one-time rate increase to the current 30-month CD or IRA CD rate anytime during the term.
Online account opening available to New England residents only (New England = MA, RI, CT, VT, NH & ME).
Fees may reduce earnings.