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Changing the Way Insurance is Delivered

Insurance isn’t something most people spend a lot of time thinking about…that is until something happens.

Iridi Tollkuci is not like most people.

She thinks about insurance all the time. In fact, after working in the insurance industry for more than two decades, including a stint at a larger agency, she recognized an important unmet need in the industry.

“When companies get to be a certain size, the focus becomes seems to be more on  the bottom line and less on the reason we have insurance in the first place. I felt like we were losing the personal connections with clients,” said Tollkuci, a Shrewsbury resident.

Tollkuci set out to change that. “I wanted to start something different, an agency that focused on relationships – getting to know clients and understanding what they need.”

To make that happen, she partnered with a long-time colleague in the industry, Mary Hyland, who like Tollkuci offered decades of experience in the industry. Together, they would create Catalyst Insurance in Shrewsbury, a name that literally means “an Agent of change” or a disruptor that changes its environment without changing itself.

Specializes in helping protect people

Tollkuci believes that Catalyst insurance is unique for an important reason: it doesn’t try to offer everything to all people, but rather is focused on offering personal and commercial insurance to families and businesses.

“As an independent agent, we know first-hand what different insurance carriers offer and can match the needs and exposures of our clients with the right type of coverage. We’ll work with clients to educate them and help identify changing needs or gaps in coverage.

Examples of common gaps in insurance coverage include:

  • Working remotely or doing contract work from home. “Many people mistakenly think that their policies cover business-related exposures,” said Tollkuci. Most homeowners policies have limits on the types of losses covered. Other types of business-related claims may not be covered at all.
  • Cyber theft insurance for business. Cyber theft is one of the fastest growing crimes in America and yet business owners still think it is a coverage related to technology firms. “That could not be farther from the truth,” said Tollkuci. She believes that every business needs to add Cyber Coverage to their commercial policy package. The consequences of having your system, data, and customer information compromised can lead to a huge financial impact, including bankruptcy for a business.
  • Protection for hiring contractors. Tollkuci recommends asking any contract you hire a simple question: Do you have worker’s comp insurance? Confirming adequate insurance coverage is current and active is important to make sure protection is in place in the event of injury while work is being performed in your business or property.
  • Auto insurance coverage.  “While the core coverages have not changed, there are many additional coverages you can add to your auto policy that many people are not aware of,” said Tollkuci. These include accident forgiveness, roadside assistance, trip interruption, gap coverage, pet coverage, new car replacement, ultimate rental, road rewards just to mention a few.

Banking on shared values

Catalyst’s commitment to building relationships is one of the reasons they chose Avidia Bank for their commercial banking needs. “They are able to offer all the services of big traditional banks, but they’re small enough to make banking intimate. Everyone knows your name. They never treat you like a number.”

To learn more about Catalyst Insurance, and how they could help you or your business with your insurance needs, visit their website or call 508-925-5267.