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Digital Card

Avidia Bank is introducing Digital Cards! If you’re an Avidia Bank debit or credit card customer and have an iPhone, you now have a way to make purchases without your actual card – with our new digital card and Apple Pay. What does this mean? Check out the FAQs below and feel free to contact us at 800-508-2265 if you need additional information.

What does “digital card” mean?
A digital debit card lives in the wallet of an iPhone. It can be used at merchants that accept Apple Pay. All you have to do is log in to Mobile App, tap Digital Wallet, select to link your card to Apple Pay, and accept the terms. Your digital debit or credit card information will be automatically added to Apple Pay.

How does this digital card benefit the customer?
We know that in today’s world, you need debit cards quickly. This digital card allows you to use your card anywhere Apple Pay is accepted while waiting for the plastic card to arrive. In other words, it gives you the ability to make purchases immediately.

Is this available on all types of phones/mobile wallets?
Currently only iPhone users can utilize our instant digital cards. We are working on deploying this service to users of other types of mobile phones. Our goal is to have Android users enjoy this service by end of 2022.

How secure are digital cards?
Using Apple Pay is more secure than carrying a card since you won’t have to worry about your card ending up in the wrong hands. In addition, all information from your purchases is encrypted at the time of the transaction, so your card data is not stored with merchants who accept Apple Pay.

How do I add the new digital card to my Apple Wallet?
It’s easy! Download the Avidia Bank app from the app store and log in. Press Wallet in the upper right corner of the home screen within the mobile app. Choose add to Apple Wallet.