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Doctors Disability Specialists and Avidia Taking Care of Dentists Together

Mature man having chiropractic back adjustment.

When Tyler DeStefano graduated from Saint Michael’s College in 2007, he decided to make a bold move – to start his own insurance business.

Eager to bring in business and clients, Tyler planned to simply provide insurance to help families and companies. But when a few students from Tufts University School of Dental Medicine contacted him about their insurance needs, he discovered a business niche … and a passion.

“I fell in love with dentistry and decided to commit my business to it,” he enthuses.

He hasn’t looked back since.

Tyler is the founding partner of Doctors Disability Specialists, a company established in 2008 that provides insurance to protect the financial needs of dentists who become disabled.

Managing the risks of injury

In a physical practice like dentistry, the risk of injury is high. “People often underestimate the physical toll being a dentist can take,” Tyler shares. “Dentists have to be physically healthy to be productive. An injury to even a finger or thumb could keep them from practicing.”

Without their livelihood, dentists could face a significant challenge: meeting payments on the loans they took out to establish their practices. It is why as part of the commercial loan underwriting process, lenders require dentists to have disability insurance protection.

Doctors Disability Specialists has built a reputation as trusted provider of this type of insurance, protecting thousands of dentists nationwide.

A banking relationship built on trust and mutual values

In the past year, the company has added some 500 new clients. Tyler credits the growth of his firm to a special relationship he has developed with Avidia Bank.

“Avidia shares our commitment to the dental profession. It’s been an amazing relationship,” he enthuses. “As a local mutual bank, they’ve always responded quickly to our needs and supported our growth.”

Tyler is especially grateful for the relationship he’s established with his Avidia Loan Officer, Avnish Puri.

“This isn’t a 9-to-5 business, and Avnish is always there when I need him. Over the years, we’ve built a strong relationship based on trust and confidence. I can always count on him.”

Protecting the financial needs of business owners

Though Tyler’s business specializes in dentistry, he encourages any business owner looking to take out a loan to ensure they have financial protection in the event something could go wrong.

To learn more about how Tyler’s business helps protect dental professionals, visit Doctors Disability Specialists online.