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Don’t be fooled by this social engineering tactic

We know there are numerous social engineering tactics out there. So much so that it is hard to keep track of them all. In an effort to keep you informed, please check out this recent scam that has popped up.


  1. One day you received a text message saying you have a package on hold from UPS and you owe a $3 fee for missed delivery.
  2. Feeding on the urgency, you click on the link in the text and enter all of your personal information including debit card info on the website (which is owned by the scammer.)
  3. You then receive a call from a scammer pretending to be from the Avidia Bank Fraud Department. They confirm your debit card info, which they received from you on their fake website.
  4. The scammer then tells you that your credit card may also be compromised. They do not know if you actually have one, but they hope you do and ask if you could provide the full number so it can be protected. Once you provide the information your card is immediately charged in real time for $1500.
  5. But wait… there’s more: The scammer tells you that you may receive some text messages asking if the purchases are fraudulent and to reply “No” because the card is already protected. These text messages are from the REAL fraud center at Avidia Bank, but you end up approving the transactions.
  6. You also provide the scammer with your online banking ID and Password so it can be “monitored for suspicious activity.”
  7. Avidia’s real fraud center does a second level review and determines that these transactions are STILL suspicious and reaches out to you to explain that these are not legitimate transactions. Our fraud center declines the transactions and blocks the card.
  8. You are now thoroughly confused and have no idea who was real and who was a scammer.
  9. Always be diligent and think before you click on anything and enter your personal information. Avidia Bank NEVER calls you to ask for your personal information.


As always, if you think something is amiss with your account or you feel you may have been scammed, please reach out to us as soon as possible to minimize your risk.