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Extreme Makeover: Avidia Edition

We’ve always thought that our Avidia office located at 42 Main Street in Hudson had character. Now, the building constructed in 1895, is overflowing with characters in the form of Oliver, Max, Lorena, Ella, Lexie and friends. They’re the Avidia characters who are prominently featured in orange and indigo signage along the building’s new, bright, and freshly painted walls.

It was all part of our major 42 Main Street renovation to update the building, consolidate our Pope Street and Main Street branch locations, and accommodate our growing Avidia family. My have we grown!

The building, which once offered full-service branch banking, has been officially transitioned to our sparkling new headquarters that’s now home to our executive team, Human Resources, Marketing, Retail and Commercial Banking, and other departments.

Meanwhile … around the corner.

Our renovation of 42 Main Street wasn’t all there was to the project. We also expanded our Pope Street office located just around the corner. The branch has been enhanced to include more teller stations. It also includes offices to accommodate customers of the former Main Street branch, while offering them better parking and greater accessibility, including a lollipop-stocked drive-up window. #winning

Though the entire renovation was planned over four years, the closings during the pandemic allowed us to complete the renovations of both buildings without getting in the way of our customers and staff members.

Not. Done. Yet.  We’re building for the future, too.

In addition to our Main Street and Pope Street renovations, we recently completed the move of our Washington Street branch in Hudson to a new, more convenient branch across the street.

But that’s not all.

In the coming years, we’ll be updating our other branches to bring more banking convenience for our customers, and of course, characters. You’ve got to have character(s).