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Go touch-free with all these options for banking and transactions from Avidia Bank!

We’re all thinking about the surfaces we touch every day. Consider some of the surfaces you use for transactions or banking, including pin pads, your debit or credit card or touch screens.  Here’s a few options to help you reduce your contact with frequently used surfaces and make your banking easier:

Use Contactless Cards:

Avidia Bank recently rolled out contactless cards to customers for its debit cards.  You simply hold your contactless-enabled card over the processor to make a payment.  Look for the radio waves icon on the front your card to tell if you’re ready to go contactless!

Use Your Phone as Your Card

These are all great options you can use right from your phone! Simply load your card into your phone and you can start using it wherever it’s accepted.
Apple Pay
Android / Samsung Pay
Digital Card

Need to send money to your dogwalker, babysitter, a friend who picked up your groceries?  Use Avidia Bank’s PeoplePay feature where you can send money to people for free!

Pay Online using PayPal

Make your payments online using PayPal – link your account to PayPal so you can securely make payments for goods and services without having to ever get cash or take your card out of your wallet.

Use Venmo
You can link your Avidia Bank debit card to Venmo and never have to break social distancing if you owe a friend money for buying you supplies or groceries!