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Let’s get honest about controlling debit card spending?

Here’s more power to you.

Introducing new Card Controls*

The power to control your debit card is now in your hands.

Introducing new Card Controls

Imagine this…

You’re in the checkout line and you open your wallet to pull out your debit card only to discover that it’s not there and you have no idea where it is.

Or this…

Your bank calls to tell you that a suspicious transaction has been made with your debit card… in another part of the country.

Or this…

Your child, the one you are trying to teach about financial literacy, just made a debit card purchase for way too much money.

Do any of the scenarios sound familiar? The good news is that if they do, you’re not alone. The bad news is, if your debit card falls into the wrong hands, including those of an overspending child, it can cost you.

To help you gain greater control of your debit card, your money, and well, your free-spending kids, Avidia Bank now offers a new debit card feature available with Mobile Banking — Card Controls. Card Controls allow you to manage and monitor debit card usage with alerts and restrictions, and give you the ability to turn your card on and off on demand. Feel the power!

You can —

  • Manage lost cards. If you misplace your debit card, you can temporarily turn off your card with a single swipe of a toggle switch. Then, when you find your card, you can swipe your card back on. (Swipe On/Swipe Off!)
  • Manage stolen cards. You can use the same feature to turn your card off if you believe it has been stolen.  Then, just call us to review any unauthorized transactions and request a new card.
  • Restrict card usage by geographic area. Going on vacation? Instead of calling to inform us when you will be travelling out of your normal region, you can set geographic regions on your device. Then, purchases you make will not require approval from us. You can also block international purchases and ATM withdrawals.
  • Set spending limits or decline certain transactions. If you want to take greater control of your spending, you can restrict purchases by the type of purchase (department store, online purchases, and more)  and amount. You can also set and receive alerts to notify you about transactions.

Like the control that comes with new Card Controls? Check out these videos to learn more.  Share with us how you use Card Controls!

Lost Card

Stolen Card

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