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Lower Energy Costs and a Better Bottom Line for Your Business?

[Pinch you, you’re not dreaming]

Running a business today sure isn’t cheap.

Soaring inflation, including rising energy costs can take a big bite out of your bottom line.

If you have a business property, however, you may have a solution – right under your roof (or in your parking lot) – that could help you not only reduce your energy costs, but also generate an income stream (not to mention save the planet).

Wait … what?

Yes, you may actually be able to tap renewable energy like solar to gain a powerful financial advantage for your business.

Just ask Frank Urro, a 38-year veteran in energy conservation/generation, renewable financial analyst, and Director at NRGTree, a professional consulting and deployment firm that helps companies leverage the power of renewable energy to reduce costs and increase profitability.

In fact, if you have a commercial property, Frank says there’s a very good chance you may have been approached by a leasing company that wants to put solar panels on your roof or in your parking lot.

Flattering, yes, but according to Frank, there is likely an even better financial solution – investing in (and owning) your own renewable energy systems.

Then, you could keep all of the benefits to yourself by either lowering your company’s energy costs or generating an income stream by selling your energy back to National Grid or Eversource.

How about them options?

“Many people don’t even realize that this is an option or if they know about it, they think it’s too expensive to purchase their own equipment,” Frank shares.

NRGTree is helping change that perception by designing and developing projects and bringing stakeholders together to help business owners enjoy all of the financial benefits renewable energy has to offer.

“We always start with the goals of the client. Whether it’s maximizing tax credits, negating construction costs, eliminating energy costs, or increasing property value, we determine the desired financial outcome and combine it with the functional goals of the project,” explains Frank.

As part of its services, NRGTree’s financial analysts work with companies and their CPAs to highlight the tax advantages that play an important role in helping business owners quickly (usually within the first year) recoup investment costs.

Frank points out that the financial benefits are often so plentiful that business owners don’t need to wait to pull the capital together to make their renewable energy project a reality.

“Very often they are able to work with their financial institutions to capture these renewable energy incentives sooner rather than later,” shared Frank.

This is precisely the analysis Frank and his team seek to give business owners and their financial teams so that they can make fully informed decisions on how renewable energy might benefit them.

And, to help make all of this as easy as possible, Frank’s company also partners with a renewable energy friendly (and very orange) financial institution – us. Avidia has proudly provided commercial loans to help businesses across a range of industries maximize financial benefits of renewable energy.

“Our partnership with Frank and NRGTree has really helped small businesses across a range of industries tap into this valuable opportunity. Recently, we collaborated to help a local hotel-restaurant owner secure $90,000 to install solar panels on his roof,” shared Maud Dentico, Business Banking Officer in Commercial Services at Avidia. “It doesn’t have to be a huge loan or investment to help make a big difference.”

Ready to learn more about how renewable energy could help you?

To explore putting renewable energy to work for your business, visit Or, simply contact Frank directly at 978-528-4478 or via email at [email protected].